Full Service Plastic/Paper Import & Export

Delivering smart solutions for your stock lot inventory! 


Welcome to Paper Trading Corporation

Founded in 2002, Paper Trading Corporation is a full service Import/Export Firm specializing in secondary paper and plastic materials. 

Our highly specialized team of industry experts work with clients to develop smart solutions for: overstock, over production, side-runs, redundancy stock, job lot, cull rolls, off spec material and damaged goods. 

We serve as the interface between producers and printers / converters / manufacturer, while obtaining the best grades and best price for both parties.  At Paper Trading Corporation, some of the products that we deal in include: 


  • Paper & plastic excess roll inventory  
  • Obsolete material in rolls  
  • Damaged rolls  End rolls  
  • Used material  
  • Laminated rolls (Silicone, Poly, Metalized, Multi Layer or printed material)  
  • Slabs of paper/film  
  • Trims  
  • Drools  granules  
  • Floor sweeps 

Paper Trading Corporation cultivates key strategic relationships with suppliers and Mills throughout the world to provide clients with the full spectrum of Papers, Boards & Plastics.